Building capacity and providing actionable warning information towards forearmed, forewarned and resilient communities

  • RIMES and IGP (Vietnam) partner with IRIS on seismic data management workshop, 9-15 September 2015, Hanoi. » Read More
  • New techniques for broadband seismic data processing to be introduced in an IRIS Advanced Studies Institute, 16-17 September 2015, Hanoi. » Read More
  • Pacific Island countries warned of potential extreme weather conditions during the upcoming wet season » Read More
  • Workshop on INSPIRE-ESCAPE in Sri Lanka identified tsunami risk areas and safe zones for Hambantota, and verified optimum shelter options » Read More
  • RIMES, at the International Conference on Climate Change, Water Resources and Disasters in Mountainous Regions in Nepal » Read More
  • The Government of Myanmar takes full responsibility for the Sittwe seismic station operation and maintenance » Read More
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