Flood risk management is the key to the development of long-term solution technology. Risk based forecasting and dissemination tools are vital components of flood risk management in areas with extensive human settlements and development on the natural flood plain. Flood simulation and risk assessments are indispensable strategic planning tools for effective reduction of flood risk and damage to communities and livelihoods.

In collaboration with the Kyoto University, Japan, RIMES has produced a distributed rainfall-runoff model, using a HydroSHED topography data set. The model was run using 1-15 days European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) Ensemble Prediction System (EPS) forecasts that provide 15 days generic outlooks on the hydrologic response of river basins through distributed rainfall-runoff modeling.

These regional outlooks will be available on the RIMES Website in the near future.