Program Area 3: Support to NMHSs in Provision of Localized Hydro-Meteorological Risk Information

With increasing awareness of the potential impacts of climate change, it is realized that socio-economic sectors such as water, agriculture or fisheries, that are highly sensitive to weather and climate extremes like droughts, floods, cyclones and storms, heat waves or cold waves, have to enhance the use of climate information; however, decision-makers in these sectors are not sufficiently equipped to make effective use of climate information to manage current and future climate risks.

RIMES facilitates development/enhancement of enabling mechanisms for countries to make full use of global information and services. RIMES also provides a test bed for translating research products into operational products for application; facilitates linkages for accessing information necessary for prediction and forecasting; provides training in numerical prediction and downscaling for generating tailored forecast products, in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization, as well as interpretation and translation of forecast products into user-friendly information.

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