The project aims to establish reliable climate projections based on the results of the 5th IPCC report, responding to the needs of national actors in climate resilience and adaptation in Madagascar, and provide DGM with technical assistance to run Regional Climate Model downscaling at national level.

Activities include:
Assessment of needs of priority sectors on climatic parameters

Provision and operationalization of software for scaling climate projections at DGM

Training of DGM staff on implementing downscaling models and on results interpretation

Listing of climatic parameters for needs of NAP on the basis of AR5 results, and assistance to DGM in evaluating and updating the brochure on climate change in Madagascar

Establishment of climate scenarios considering AR5 results and user needs

Development of guidance document on interpretation of established scenarios

Assistance to DGM in the preparation of publication that presents the significant results of this climate projections project

Facilitation of consultation meetings and workshop for presentation of the publication