RIMES supports WMO in implementing the Southeast Asia component of its project under the Climate Risk and Early Warning Systems (CREWS) initiative. Key activities include: Identification of ongoing/ recently completed regional and national programs and projects relevant to multi-hazard early warning systems (MHEWS) and disaster risk reduction in the project countries Identification, analysis, and documentation of various assessments of capacities, gaps, and needs relevant to MHEWS at regional, national, and sub-national/ local levels in the countries Mapping of how outcomes of these activities have addressed or are expected to address identified needs, and identification of remaining information needs for MHEWS at national and regional levels Review and documentation of existing national early warning context in the countries National stakeholder workshops to validate and enhance assessment results Regional and country-specific briefs providing comprehensive overview of MHEWS capacities, gaps and needs in the countries, including recommendations with corresponding resource requirements to enhance MHEWS