Enhancing early warning system for community-based response in Bangladesh under SHOUHARDO- II

Implementation Period: April 2012 – September 2014
Countries: Bangladesh
Donor: USAID through CARE Bangladesh
Level of Funding: USD 315,000
Program Area: Area 4: Capacity Building in Early Warning at all Levels
Project Status: Ongoing

Project Description:

The project aims to enhance the lead time for flood early warning and preparedness in Bangladesh by expanding the generation and application of long-lead probabilistic flood forecast warning information to larger areas in Bangladesh; operationalizing 20-25 days and seasonal forecasts in pilot areas; piloting the flash flood early warning system, and complementing CARE Bangladesh’s work in cyclone-prone areas.

  1. Expanding the 1-10 days flood forecasting to larger pilot areas (under CARE SHOUHARDO II program areas)
  2. Operationalizing monthly and seasonal forecasts
  3. Piloting flash flood early warning system at Sunamgang and Cox’Bazaar area
  4. Complementing existing cyclone prediction program of Bangladesh Meteorological Department

  1. Expand 1-10 day flood forecasts
  2. Pilot flash flood forecasting and application
  3. Operationalize 20-25 day and seasonal forecast

Expected Outcomes and Performance Measures:
  1. Technology development.
    » Operational medium range (1-10 days) flood forecasting at three major rivers (Brahmaputra, Ganges and Megna) basin with 38 water level stations
    » Operational long range (20-25 days) flood outlook
    » Operational flash flood forecast
    » Development of web based DSS for flood risk management for FFWC
  2. Demonstration of technology application.
    » Number of FFWC staff trained on newly evolved forecasts system
    » Number of communities to receive warning, interpret and response on medium range forecasts
    » Number of communities to receive warning, interpret and response on long range (20-25 days) range forecasts
    » Number of communities to receive warning, interpret and response on flash flood forecast
  3. Technology transfer and capacity building.
    » Transfer of models to FFWC
    » Number of FFWC staff trained on the use of models developed under the project
    » Number of national and local level institutions, including DMB, DAE, CARE Bangladesh and local NGOs trained to translate forecast information into impact outlooks and selection of response options
    » Number of BWDB staff and partner NGO, farmers, and Upazila Disaster Management Committee members trained on probabilistic flood forecast, DSS tool, and their application in planning and decision-making, including data archiving and GIS-based risk mapping.
    » Enhancement of observation system to increase data availability for forecasting and warning

External Connections:

In light of the SHOUHARDO Program Phase I, the SHOUHARDO Phase II proposes to expand the long lead probabilistic flood forecasts warning information to larger areas, with the support of USAID, the Government of Bangladesh and CARE Bangladesh. RIMES implements this project supporting the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) to carry out the long lead flood forecast activities once the project is finalized, promoting its sustainability.

Project Partners/Beneficiaries:
  • Flood Forecasting and Warning Center (FFWC)
  • Bangladesh Water Development Board
  • Disaster Management Bureau
  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Upazila Disaster Management Committee
  • CARE and local NGOs
  • Farmers


Quarterly Report: April-June 2012
Quarterly Report: July-September 2012
Quarterly Report: October-December 2012
Quarterly Report: January-March 2013
Quarterly Report: April-June 2013

Information Resources:

Project Fact-sheet