Establishment of a network of automatic weather and hydrological stations in Bhutan

Implementation Period: February 2009 – June 2010
Countries: Bhutan
Donor: Danida
Level of Funding: This is part of the project Development of Bhutan’s national weather and flood forecasting and warning center (refer to item 2 above)
Program Area: Program Area 1: Establishment and Maintenance of Core Observing and Monitoring Stations
Project Status: Completed

Project Description:

The project aims to design and establish a network of 3 automatic weather stations and 2 automatic water level stations for providing real-time data to Bhutan’s National Weather and Flood Forecasting and Warning Center. Key activities include the assessment of existing system for weather and hydrological observation and monitoring; network design, including identification of hardware and software requirements and specifications; technical support to evaluation of tenders; and equipment installation, telemetry, testing, and commissioning