FloCAST translates rainfall and temperature forecasts to discharge forecasts, using freely available hydrological models customized for the selected river basins, generate water level forecasts, which are further corrected using real-time observations from telemetered stations and finally generate and disseminate advisories. The system produces reliable sub-basin scale precipitation and hydrological forecasts.

FloCAST is developed using open source tools to avoid recurring cost, with a computationally simple, fast and easy to operate system which can be seamlessly integrated in a DSS. Additionally, RIMES is proactive in building confidence among operational staff by conducting training at various stages of development and integration of FloCAST.


FloCAST components and functionality

  1. Meteorological forecast processor extracts sub-basin scale WRF data, and produces bias-corrected forecast inputs for the hydrological model
  2. Hydrological processor produces discharge and water level forecasts for three days at all selected forecasting locations
  3. Discharge and water level updating system based on recent observations
  4. Verification system compares past 15 days forecast against observations

FloCAST has been developed for Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and India. 


Reservoir Management System

  1. Provides a mechanism to issue timely flood warning and arrange institutional coordination 
  2. Improved reservoir operation and management plans, which incorporate and synchronize the role of large, medium and small water storages, to mitigate the impact of floods
  3. Enhance the capacity to operate reservoirs and manage river basins from a flood management objective