In order to assess and address evolving societal demands and needs, RIMES adopts a user-centered bottom-up approach that focuses on the user needs and demands as a driving factor to guide the entire process of climate/weather service co-production.

RIMES engages with both the service providers and end-users to create an enabling environment to sustainably deliver and integrate advanced early warning and climate products to meet societal needs. RIMES enhances capacities at all levels: early warning agencies to generate user-tailored forecast products and services, and end-users to receive, understand and internalize forecasts and warnings through improved dissemination of impact forecasts and risk management advisories. 

At the community level, user requirements and demands are captured through community consultations, household surveys, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) while at the sub-national and national level, Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) are conducted and additional requirements collected from the field through periodic discussions in the monsoon forums.

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