An effective people-centered early warning system has four interrelated and equally important elements: risk knowledge, monitoring and warning service, dissemination and communication, and response capability. All four elements are central to a people-centered early warning system, and gaps in any of the elements can lead to the failure of an early warning system.

RIMES provides tools and mechanisms for community-based risk management and builds capacity in the seamless use of climate information at different timescales in planning and decision-making. Furthermore, the institutional system established for climate information application enables receipt of feedback from end-users on the usability of climate information, which is used to improve climate information products and delivery systems.

Risk Resilient Communities

UN-ISDR defines early warning as "provision of timely and effective information, through identified institutions, that allows individuals exposed to a hazard to take action to avoid or reduce their risk and prepare for effective response". There is a greater need for the development of people-centered early warning systems. Such systems ensure that communities and individuals at risk are better prepared to minimize the negative impacts of disasters. RIMES initiatives in the region embody this approach and ensure that hazard readiness and climate risk management are prioritized at the community level.

Grass Roots Climate Risk Management

In addition to hazard readiness, a robust climate risk management (CRM) process should operate at the community level. CRM recognizes vulnerable community groups as the main beneficiary and partners in any CRM initiative and ensures the participation of all major stakeholders in disaster, environment, and community level work. Community-level decision makers participate in analysis of issues, understanding and influencing the policy environment, and in emergency preparedness and early warning system management. The linking of stakeholders at all key decision-making levels ensures the development of sustainable solutions.

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