RIMES supports National Tsunami Warning Centers (NTWCs) in assessing hazards, vulnerability, and exposure to potential earthquakes, tsunamis, and coastal inundations to assist in anticipatory actions.

RIMES provides earthquake alerts and regional tsunami bulletins from its 24/7 regional facility for earthquake monitoring and tsunami warning. Within the framework of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO), RIMES provides the following key services to NTWCs of Member States:

  • Seismic, sea level, and deep ocean monitoring
  • Data exchange, processing, analytics, and management
  • Dissemination of earthquake alerts and regional tsunami bulletins

Forecast generation and assessment capabilities are seamlessly incorporated into a suite of web tools for

  • rapid assessment of potential damage from earthquakes, using real-time data from an earthquake event (ShakeCast)
  • tsunami propagation and inundation simulation and loss estimation (INSPIRE)
  • dissemination of ocean state forecasts, generation and dissemination of advisories, and receiving user feedback (OSFAS).
  • a web-based portal and near real-time tsunami forecasting system for regional estimation of coastal tsunami impacts using earthquake and tsunami information (PRECISE)

Other services include earthquake, tsunami, and coastal hazard and risk assessments, training on near-shore bathymetric, topographic, and exposure surveys to generate high-resolution datasets for coastal inundation analysis and vulnerability assessment; and on-the-job training at RIMES on earthquake monitoring and tsunami warning operations.

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