A sustainable climate service value chain requires a robust action plan for capacity building at all levels. This encompasses regional and national institutions' capacity for data management, climate monitoring, analytics, forecast generation and interpretation, to climate service delivery, user-empowerment and last-mile communication.

At RIMES, we recognize and enhance NMHS’s capacity to produce user-tailored weather and climate information. We build institutional capacity to translate early warning information into sectoral impact forecasts to guide advisory generation, and enable end-users to access forecasts and warnings, understand risks and act. We constantly evolve and innovate across the early warning service delivery chain in line with the national and regional priorities and integrate climate risk information for sectoral application and decision making at all levels.

RIMES strives to identify and address gaps in technical, institutional and operational areas enhancing the effectiveness of early warning and disaster risk management measures within a multi-hazard framework.

Our research agenda is guided by cost-effective demand-driven solutions and rapid provision of accurate and customized warning information. RIMES continuously engages in research and development activities to build capacity on new techniques and deliver user-relevant solutions. 

Over the last decade, RIMES has made considerable progress in the region, in establishing end-to-end early warning systems through institutional capacity building and research and development. This includes the establishment of Regional Tsunami Watch Providers, National Tsunami Warning Centers, supporting National Hydrological & Meteorological Services, and other institutional mechanisms for warning dissemination and community preparedness.

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