Institutional capacity is specific to each country and must be undertaken incrementally within a national context. Producing information that is timely, credible, and actionable necessitates inputs from many stakeholders, and requires coordination between multiple institutions at different levels. Effective institutional frameworks facilitate the delivery of climate services through the provision of legal, technical, and financial resources. It also puts in place standardized mechanisms for the exchange of information between government agencies and facilitates their cooperation for common purposes.

Given the transboundary nature of multi-hazards, institutionalized regional cooperation is needed for the integration of climate change adaptation, early warning systems, and weather and climate services. RIMES facilitates conducive institutional frameworks to influence policies, mobilize resources as well as replicate, implement and customize solutions regionally.  

RIMES co-organizes forums and consultation meetings regionally and nationally with the member countries to provide venues for climate information providers and sectoral users to discuss the forecasts and share best practices and insights as well as identify recommendations for improving the forecasts.

Institutional Mechanism