Empowering last mile users in early warning information delivery and application

Strengthening Last Mile Communication in South Asia Region, funded by USAID through UCAR and implemented by RIMES in select locations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, is positioned in building climate resilience through improved access and use of early warning information among last mile users in the region. 

Enhance community resilience by reducing risks from extreme natural events - Shouhardo III

Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities (SHOUHARDO) III program of CARE Bangladesh works with poor rural beneficiaries from 8 districts of the Char and Haor regions of Bangladesh. The locals are highly dependent on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood. However, these communities are the most vulnerable against recurring natural disasters and impacts of climate risk.

Reducing risks of tsunami, storm surges, large waves, and other natural hazards in low elevation coastal zones

About 3% of Asia’s land area is classified as a low elevation coastal zone, yet it is home to 13% of the region’s population and 18% of its urban population. Of the top 10 countries in the world with the largest population counts in low elevation coastal zones, eight are in Asia. Reducing risks through preparedness and mitigation is paramount, as migration away from these zones, though may be the most appropriate prevention measure, is not popular or acceptable.