Climate adaptation and resilience in the time of COVID 19

The COVID 19 pandemic is a global health challenge that affects societies and economies. As countries now transition to a new normal, the onset of monsoon season with its associated cyclone and flood hazards could complicate efforts to control the pandemic and reduce its impacts.

Recently, RIMES has partnered with the World Bank Group to implement the Climate Adaptation and Resilience Project (CARE), and provide access to detailed weather, water, and climate data and decision-support systems (DSS) that will assist policymakers and sectorial users enhance climate resilience and reduce the socio-economic impacts of natural disasters. As hazards and their impacts are interconnected, efforts towards enhancing climate adaptation and resilience could also help reduce the impacts of COVID 19.

CARE is initially implemented in three countries that face the highest climate risk in the South Asian region – Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. Under the project, RIMES will help develop an open Regional Resilience and Data Analytics Platform, and various DSSs for agriculture, transport, water resources, finance and planning sectors.

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