Key Services

Weather, Climate and Hydrological Research and Development

RIMES provides the following services to National Meteorological and Hydrological Services:

  • Generation of localized and customized:
  • severe weather and short-term weather information for contingency planning
  • medium-term weather information for logistics planning
  • seasonal climate outlook for longer-term resource planning and management
    • Analysis of risks to climate variability and change, and identification of risk management and adaptation options
    • Development of decision support tools
    • Development of new generation risk information products


    Earthquake & Tsunami Watch Provision

    RIMES provides the following services to National Tsunami Warning Centers of Member States:

    • Seismic, sea level and deep ocean monitoring
    • Data exchange, processing and analysis, and archiving
    • Provision of earthquake alerts and regional tsunami bulletins


    Capacity Building in End-to-End Early Warning

    RIMES provides the following services to national and local level institutions within each Member States' early warning frameworks:

    • Assistance in establishing and maintaining observation and monitoring stations of regional benefit
    • Training of scientists: in-country training and through secondment arrangements at the RIMES Regional Facility
    • Development of decision-support tools and their application. These include risk assessment, interpretation and translation of early warning information products into impact outlooks and response options.
    • Application of tailored risk information at different time scales in decision-making
    • Early warning system audits
    • Strengthening national early warning provider and user interface